• Cause and Effect Principles
  • Cause and Effect Are the Same Thing
  • Each Effect Has at Least Two Causes in the Form of Actions and Conditions
  • Causes and Effects Are Part of an Infinite Continuum of Causes
  • An Effect Exists Only if Its Causes Exist in the Same Space and Time Frame


  • RealityCharting® Software
  • Software Features
    • Problem Definition
    • Built-In Rules Checks & Advanced Integrity Checks
    • Solution Generation
    • Package Reference Files
    • Package Reference Files
    • Accessible Notes
    • Personalized Preferences
    • Hide or Show Causes
    • RealityCharting Reports
    • Wizard Window
  • Realitychart Examples
  • RC Simplified™
  • Enterprise Software
    • Enterprise Features
    • System Requirements
    • Maintenance Agreements
  • Software Downloads
  • Order Now


  • Online Learning
    • Online Training Option 1
    • Online Training Option 2
    • Online Training Option 3
  • Classroom Learning
    • Option 4: Classroom Training with RealityCharting® Software
    • Option 5: Classroom Training with a Trial Version of RealityCharting® Software
    • Option 6: Classroom Training with RC Simplified™ Software
  • RC Coach™
  • How to Create an Effective Problem-Solving Culture
    • Effective Problem-Solving Culture – An Overview
    • Effective Problem-Solving Culture – A Detailed Guide
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