The Apollo Root Cause Analysis™ methodology is simple on its face because it follows fundamental principles, and when you add powerful software tools, the ability to document your common reality and easily share it with others is realized. We provide three software solutions to help you meet your goals.



is the workhorse of the team. It helps you perform your investigation in a structured step-wise process and documents all aspects of it, to include a complete event report.

RC Simplified™

is a simple to use “expert-system” type software tool that asks the user the same questions an experienced investigator would ask and then documents the analysis in the same fashion as RealityCharting® would. No training is necessary. It is used to infuse causal thinking into every corner of an organization.

RealityCharting Pro™

is our Enterprise version of RealityCharting® and provides for limitless data analysis, such as searching several or all of your Realitycharts for common causes or common causal relationships. It provides concurrent use licenses of RealityCharting®.

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