Accessible Notes

by Adminapollo | February 17, 2016


The Notes feature included in RealityCharting helps define global and local detail throughout your analysis.

The Notes window allows users to add notes and easily link them to associated causes. Notes can also be added and linked directly to a cause by using the Notes attribute, found above the cause box on the workspace.

Notes are referenced by the order in which they were entered. This numbering system is preserved to ensure the sequential listing is not changed when a note is deleted. To accomplish this the word “Deleted” will replace the deleted note text.

To view the Notes window select this option from the View menu. Selecting the Notes tab in an open Information window also brings this view into focus. Generating a new note from a cause attribute on the workspace opens the References window. To close the Information window select the close window icon in the upper right corner of the Information window.

To add a note, enter text in the empty field at the bottom of the Notes window and select the Add Note button. To add notes to a cause on the workspace, place the cursor over the cause and select the Notes icon that appears above it. Enter your note in the Related Notes window, then select the Add Note button. To edit a note, select the note you want to change and begin typing.

To review notes you can view all the notes in the “Notes” window, or you can view notes associated with an individual cause. If a cause has associated notes, a number will appear next to the Notes icon located above the cause box. To view, select the icon.

The Notes tab includes Note1, which provides a non-editable note regarding the completion status of the Realitychart. This note changes from a “draft” to a “finalized” status once the Realitychart and Incident Report have been finalized. This provides reviewers a single point of reference in verifying the current chart status.

Notes may be easily connected to associated causes by selecting the “LinkCauses” button located in the Notes window. Selecting the “Link Causes” button opens the “Add Causes to Note” window, which displays all the causes on your chart.

To quickly navigate to the appropriate cause, begin entering the cause text in the “Search For” window and RealityCharting will display only those causes that match your input. Once you find the appropriate cause, check the cause, and then select the “Submit” button. To unlink the cause, select the “Link Causes” button, deselect the cause and then select the “Submit” button.

To link an existing note to a cause on the workspace, open the “Related Notes” window by selecting the Notes icon that appears above the cause box. Select the “Link Existing Notes” button, make a selection, and then select the “Submit” button.

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