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by Adminapollo | February 17, 2016


Package Reference Files

RealityCharting allows you to package and save the Realitychart with documents that have been linked through the References window. These are zipped into a single package (.parca file type) that can be shared with others to provide a complete set of related files.

The Save As Packaged File option serves as a great way to archive finalized investigations with all material documents included.

This feature also allows you to easily compile important reference documents for others who wouldn’t otherwise have access to the linked reference files when opening the Realitychart.

Saving Linked Files with Realitychart

Save the Realitychart with all the files linked through the References window into a single folder by selecting the Package Chart option from the File menu.

The individual files are not compressed and the resulting package size will equal the sum of all included files.

Packages are automatically named following a standard convention that uses the contents of the What field followed by an underscore and the word “packaged”.

Opening Packaged Files

Double-click or otherwise open a packaged file (.parca type) from its saved location to expose the Realitychart (.arca type) and a separate folder, with the same filename and the added extension “_packaged_files”, containing the linked references.

The package file folder contains the individual files that had been linked through the References window. The .parca file type no longer exists once it’s been opened as it has been “unzipped” to show itself as the .arca file and the packaged files folder.

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