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by Adminapollo | February 17, 2016

Personalized Preferences

The Preferences window provides users the flexibility to customize the way RealityCharting appears and what features are available.


To view the Preferences window, select this option from the RealityCharting menu among other places where this can be opened. The Preferences tab allows you to choose language setting, date formatting and to turn on or off various pre-defined features. Moving the cursor over each of the listed items briefly presents more information about each option in a “tool tip” window.

To deactivate an individual selection, uncheck the related check box. Any change other than the language type is immediately implemented in the Realitychart. Choosing a different language will require a restart to view the software displayed in the new language.

Problem Definition Setup

The Problem Definition Setup tab allows you to customize which subsections are shown in the Problem Definition window. Any change made in the Problem Definition Setup tab is immediately implemented in the Problem Definition window.


Color Settings

The Color Settings tab allows you to customize the color of the different cause types and workspace background.

Solution Criteria

The Solution Criteria tab gives you the ability to define your own criteria and associated ranking options for use in the Solution Assessment Report.

Advanced Evidence

The Advanced Evidence tab allows you to add or delete the different types of evidence that will be shown in the Evidence Log window.

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