RealityCharting Reports

by Adminapollo | February 17, 2016

A number of useful reports are available from the Reports menu with information collected from the analysis and entered directly as needed.

Team Members are shared across the Action Item Report, Possible Solutions Report, and Incident Report with Solutions distributed across the Solution Assessment Report, Possible Solutions Report and Incident Report.

Custom reporting is possible with the enterprise software along with numerous data analytics capable with a database.

Incident Report

The Incident Report provides a place to document important information related to the analysis and to display integral data collected during the creation of the Realitychart.

The information shown in the Problem Definition, Team Members, Notes, and References sections of the Incident Report are pulled from their respective input areas. Changes to either source will update both.

Solution Assessment Report

The Solution Assessment Report provides a place where solutions that have passed the criteria check can be comparatively evaluated using a matrix of weighted criteria scores.

The assessment evaluates each solution against default criteria. To change a default criteria setting, select the related field and type in your own criteria entry. Selecting existing criteria from the dropdown list will update the corresponding Ranking field.

The default criteria include Total Cost, Ease of Implementation, Probability of Recurrence, Effectiveness, and Return on Investment.

Action Item Report

The Action Item Report provides a place to document all action items as you work on your Realitychart.

Whenever you don’t know the answer to a why question or don’t have evidence for a cause RealityCharting creates an action item where it’s needed. When automatically created action items are resolved in the Realitychart they are removed from the Action Item report.

To view the Action Item Report, select it in the Reports menu or click an existing More Info Needed cause path ending icon on the Realitychart to open the report with the related cause highlighted.

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