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Rules Check

by Adminapollo | February 17, 2016

Built-In Rules Checks & Advanced Integrity Checks

RealityCharting helps ensure robust quality with real-time rules checks and advanced integrity checks to be run when reaching various milestones as you complete your investigation.

As you create your chart, the software automatically identifies which causes are affected by rule violations and will probably need further work. These are quickly viewed by selecting the Rule Violations cause attribute, located on the workspace above the cause heading.

There are several ways to initiate a rules check of the Realitychart and once begun the process will find every violation and provide an opportunity to correct or bypass the known issue.

The Rules Check window provides a place to monitor seven chart construction rules, identify individual violations for each offending cause, initiate or bypass the rules check and select an advanced rule check to perform.

1). The “Empty Cause” rule checks the Realitychart for any empty cause boxes.
2). The “Unconnected Cause” rule checks the Realitychart for any unconnected causes.
3). The “Action/Condition Type” rule checks to make sure all causes have been identified as an action or condition cause.
4). The “Action-Condition Requirement” rule checks to make sure every effect has at least one action cause and one condition cause.
5). The “Conjunction” rule identifies any conjunctions to help ensure causes only contain one noun-verb statement and aren’t telling a story.
6). The “Evidence” rule checks to make sure every cause has evidence to support it.
7). The “Point of Ignorance” rule checks to make sure all cause paths have a defined ending.

Additionally, there are advanced rule checks you can perform; Space Time Logic Check, Causal Logic Check, and Or Logic Check.

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