Solution Generation

by Adminapollo | February 17, 2016


RealityCharting gives users a way to quickly identify potential solutions ad hoc on the workspace or systematically working your way through each cause.There are a number of options available to begin adding possible solutions. Selecting a Possible Solutions cause attribute opens the Solution Generation window connected to the cause in focus. Choosing the Add Solution toolbar icon turns the cursor into a light bulb, which can be used to select any cause and open a connected Solution Generation window.Selecting an active Step 3 in the Wizard window opens the Solution Generation window connected to the cause. This option is unavailable after completing Wizard Step 3.

The solution generation process systematically moves from cause to cause allowing you to propose solutions until each cause has been reviewed. After all causes have been reviewed the Possible Solutions Report opens.


Evaluate A Solution

To evaluate a solution based on a set of predefined criteria select the related Not Tested, Passed, or Failed button in the Criteria column to open the Criteria Check window.

Complete Criteria Check

To complete the criteria check, address the questions listed in the Criteria Check window and submit your answers. The answers required for the criteria to pass the check are initially highlighted green to indicate their default status.

To quickly pass the check without answering each question select the Submit button inside the Criteria Check window or press the Enter key. The various elements within the window must be at their default setting.

If the answer to the question whether the solution is in your control is “no”, RealityCharting asks, “Can you gain support from those who do have control?” If the answer to that question is “yes” the individual check is successfully passed.


Possible Solutions Report

It is possible to have multiple solutions associated with a single cause and/or Realitychart. Text in the Possible Solutions field can be changed from within the Possible Solutions Report by placing the cursor into the relevant field and making the text change. If the related criteria check has already been completed the Criteria Check window opens to check the updated solution.

Implement Solution

To implement a solution, ensure that the related criteria check has “Passed” and then select the corresponding check box in the Implement column. Implementing a solution(s) completes Wizard Step 3.

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