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by Adminapollo | February 17, 2016

The Wizard window is a status indicator and user guide that facilitates the completion of each step in the process of completing a Realitychart. Selecting an active step, (identified with a green arrow in the Status column), opens the applicable windows to help complete that part of the process. Moving the cursor focus over the RealityCharting Steps displays a tool tip with the requirements to complete each step.

The Wizard window is dynamic and progresses through the five steps guiding the new or occasional user.

  1. The Wizard progressively activates each step, updating the realted status as each one is completed.
  2. The active step is identified with a green arrow (start icon).
  3. The inactive step is displayed with two red bars (pause icon).
  4. The completed step is displayed with a blue bullet (completed icon).

To view the Wizard window, select this option from the View menu. If you don’t want the Wizard window on the workspace each time you open a file, deselect that option in the Preferences window.

Wizard Step 1

Step 1 of the Wizard is to define the problem. To complete step 1, enter text in the What, When, Where, and Significance definition fields. Selecting an active step 1 places the cursor in the What field of the Problem Definition window so you can begin defining the problem.

Wizard Step 2

Step 2 of the Wizard is to create a Realitychart. To complete step 2, create the Realitychart, and then verify the rules check has been successfully completed or purposely bypassed. Selecting an active step 2 opens the Brainstorm window letting you quickly enter causes for your initial problem assessment. The Brainstorm window can also be opened by selecting that option from the Tools menu.

Wizard Step 3

Step 3 of the Wizard is to identify solutions for implementation. To complete step 3, identify solutions and pass the criteria check for at least one solution in the Possible Solutions Report. Selecting an active step 3 opens the Solution Generation window allowing you to start assigning solutions to causes.

Wizard Step 4

Step 4 of the Wizard is to implement effective solutions. To complete step 4, select the Implement checkbox in the Possible Solutions Report or related Criteria Check window. Selecting an active step 4 opens the Possible Solutions Report window.

Wizard Step 5

Step 5 of the Wizard is to ensure the Incident Report is complete and to perform a final rules check of the Realitychart. To complete step 5, address any rules check violations and ensure the Incident Report is finished. Selecting an active step 5 starts a review that identifies incomplete fields in the Incident Report and runs another rules check on the Realitychart.

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