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by Adminapollo | February 17, 2016


Online learning is better than classroom style learning because it is challenging and fun – no one checks email while the teacher is talking, interactive – so you learn by doing, allows learning by failing – but you get to immediately try it again, provides almost instant feedback, and facilitates working at your own pace rather than being held back by the slowest learner in class. And because you learn in your own space and time frame, no time is wasted wondering if your answer to the teachers question is going to be accepted by other students. Unlike classroom learning, it has the ability to redo or quickly review and there is no advancement until the prerequisites are learned. There is a focus on learning everything in each lesson and by working exercises that prove you learned the lesson; there is no need for a test—you either learn and show competence in all of the subject matter or you don’t move forward. Using our online learning module, called RC Coach™, most people can learn the process and the software in half the time (or less) than what it has traditionally taken in a classroom setting. It also ensures uniformity of a quality experience as opposed to the possibility of an inexperienced instructor butchering the intent of the lesson. If the student has questions before, during or after the training, we are always available via email to answer questions, but we don’t find this happening very often. You also save time and money by not having to set up a training venue and take 10 or 20 people out of the work force at the same time.

Details of our online learning options are provided below. If for some reason you have RealityCharting® Software and just want to use RC Coach™ for refresher training, you can purchase it in our store.

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