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by Adminapollo | February 17, 2016


Option 1: Effective Problem-Solving Culture Plan


If you are interested in more than just teaching a few people how to find effective solutions to your problems, and want to prevent big problems from happening in the first place, then this is the option for you. We have spent the last 4 years creating new integrated tools and training to help you create an effective problem-solving culture using ARCA™. Way too many people think that stuff just happens and as a result, do not engage in solving the little problems they encounter each day. Simply by teaching them the principles of causation and giving them a simple tool, they begin to view the world differently and take actions to remove conditional causes before an unintended action causes big problems. By providing effective solutions to the many simple problems, the big problems don’t happen in the first place. ARCA™ is the only RCA program on the market today that allows you to easily deploy pro-active training and support for everyone in the organization. This option includes 5 licenses for RealityCharting® with online training using RC Coach™, 5 Investigator Accreditations and unlimited copies of RC Simplified™ for your entire organization.


Most everyone in the organization is involved in this plan. In the Effective Problem-Solving Culture (EPS) plan, we removed all the barriers to training your employees, so it is easy and painless to deploy.

  • Managers watch two free videos for a total of 40 minutes time. They are Effective Problem-Solving Video (17 minutes) and RealityCharting Overview (23 minutes). If they want more in-depth knowledge they can get it for free by reading an interactive eBook, or we will meet with them to answer questions and discuss details.
  • General Employees are trained by watching the 17-minute Effective Problem Solving video. If they have to investigate a problem, they are guided through the process by an expert-system type software application called RC Simplified™ that asks them the same questions an expert would ask if they were doing the investigation – This option provides RC Simplified™ to your whole organization. Please note that RC Simplified™ does not require any training to use. It comes with a brief introduction video on how to use it and then you just answer the questions. Because it is so intuitive, it actually teaches users to think more about causal relationships when using it, so they learn as they go and no extra time is needed for training.
  • Advanced Investigators and Facilitators are trained online (see Option 2) using the RealityCharting Learning Center™. It takes half the time as traditional classroom learning and we have proven that those who take the online learning do much better at creating cause and effect charts than those who attend our traditional classroom learning. And, less time training means more time on the job.
  • Once trained, the student can become an accredited investigator at no additional cost (a $295 value). Accreditation is used to ensure the key people who do investigations and problem-solving meet a high level of knowledge and skills. There is an additional cost for Facilitator Accreditation if you chose that option.
  • We also help you create Program Champions within your organization to promote and foster the EPS Culture plan.
  • For large organizations we provide Enterprise software that can analyze data from many events to help you find solutions to systemic problems.
  • We provide free software support and help you at every step of the way in implementing the EPS Culture plan.


By easily training most of your employees to think causally, with a little initiative, minor problems are fixed before they cause big problems. And, because RealityCharting® and RC Simplified™ provide effective solutions based on the principles of causation rather than people-centric guessing and voting, you will not have repeat events; whether the problems are simple or complex. The return on investment is such that you cannot afford to NOT implement the Effective Problem Solving Culture plan.

So what do we do that is different than all the other RCA methods on the market?

RealityCharting® follows the principles of causation. Some methods are close, but not true to the principles, or they do not provide evidence of what you think you know. Watch this four-minute video to see the difference:

Base Price: $5,975

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