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RC Pro® Enterprise Software

File Mobility and Importing

Continue working offline using the installed desktop version of RealityCharting® to pursue important work when unable to access your internal system. Import files started with RealityCharting® and RC Simplified® to capture these entry points for data collection.

Expanding Knowledge Base

Capitalize on lessons learned and previous efforts by easily duplicating and modifying investigations for use in similar events.

Post Internal Resources and Tools

Store company files and frequently referenced industry documents in a central location for immediate access.

Printing and Exporting

Expansive printing to PDF and exporting of CSV files allow external sharing and reporting of results.

Defined Roles and Permissions

Multiple user groups allow defined roles providing distinct permissions and functionality. Personalized profiles are available with individually chosen user icons and numerous RealityCharting preferences settings. 

Usage and License Reporting

Instantly gauge usage levels and identify licensing availability within RC Pro. 

Video Tutorials and Online Learning Center

Comprehensive video tutorials ensure access to self-service support and the online RealityCharting Learning Center benefits all stakeholders with reinforcement of the Apollo Root Cause Analysis™ method and simulated cases using the software. 

Programmable Interface (API)

Integrate existing software systems and work processes feeding into and pulling from RC Pro.

Multiple Languages

RC Pro is built with localization in mind and can be translated to meet your company’s unique global needs. RealityCharting® is currently available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and German.

Enterprise Features

The Enterprise version of RealityCharting® provides the matching functionality of the Standalone version along with an administration module that manages user information and file data.

Active Directory

Access is limited to a specified administration group and the users are designated by a users group.

File Data

The Enterprise software saves files to a central database allowing concurrent user access to the same pool of information across multiple sites.

File Transportability

RealityCharting® files created in the Standalone version can be imported and edited for use within the Enterprise version. And files created in the Enterprise software can be saved to the desktop for use in the Standalone software providing complete file transportability across your organization.

Personal Demonstration

We can provide you with a personal demonstration to experience the actual usability and feature set. Please contact us to learn more about this opportunity.

Maintenance Agreements

Maximize Your Investment in RealityCharting®

  • Stay up to date and ensure you have the latest release.
  • Acquire the most advanced software automatically.
  • Secure dedicated user support and quick response.

Lower Costs

A maintenance agreement is less expensive than purchasing software updates, upgrades and technical support individually.

Better Planning

A fixed annual investment allows you to plan support expenses instead of incurring unexpected charges.

Faster Resolution

RealityCharting® software experts are available to assist when you need help. A maintenance agreement ensures priority service when you call.

Higher Productivity

Allow your staff to focus on core activities and let our technical experts resolve product-specific issues.

More Capabilities

A maintenance agreement helps ensure your organization has the most advanced, robust, and easy to use software version available.

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