Maintenance Agreements

by Adminapollo | February 17, 2016

Maximize Your Investment in RealityCharting®

  • Stay up to date and ensure you have the latest release.
    Acquire the most advanced software automatically.
    Secure dedicated user support and quick response.

Lower Costs

  • A maintenance agreement is less expensive than purchasing software updates, upgrades and technical support individually.

Better Planning

  • A fixed annual investment allows you to plan support expenses instead of incurring unexpected charges.

Faster Resolution

  • RealityCharting® software experts are available to assist when you need help. A maintenance agreement ensures priority service when you call.

Higher Productivity

  • Allow your staff to focus on core activities and let our technical experts resolve product-specific issues.

More Capabilities

  • A maintenance agreement helps ensure your organization has the most advanced, robust, and easy to use software version available.
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