Option 4:

Classroom Training with RealityCharting® Software

by Adminapollo | February 17, 2016



The purpose of this 2-day classroom training is to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to find effective solutions to all event-type problems every time. You will learn to facilitate an effective problem analysis using the Apollo Root Cause Analysis™ (ARCA™) method and RealityCharting® software. This option includes a license for RealityCharting® software and a 30-day trial version of RC Simplified™.


This course is ideal for anyone whose job involves detailed problem-solving of complex problems and wants classroom style training. As a minimum, all supervisors and lead personnel should take this course.

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction to different problem-solving methods and why most fail.
  2. Defining the problem and how the ARCA™ process uses this step to build consensus.
  3. Learn the principles of causation so you know the structure of reality.
  4. Learn how to use RealityCharting® software to build a common reality that everyone can buy into.
  5. Learn what constitutes effective solutions and how to find creative solutions.
  6. Discussion on how to ensure your solutions are implemented and evaluated for effectiveness.
  7. Learn by doing and using the software to facilitate an investigation.
  8. Putting it all together to ensure what you learned provides the most value for you and your organization.

Learning Style:

Instructor lead classroom interaction with 15-20 minutes of lecture for every hour of class time and remaining time working discovery-based exercises. Second day is focused on working facilitation exercises and learning how to take your new skills to the next level.

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