How to Create an Effective Problem-Solving Culture

by Adminapollo | February 18, 2016

We spent the last four years working closely with some of our clients to help them create an effective problem-solving culture. We started by creating a Realitychart, asking why organizations do not create effective problem-solving cultures? We identified the causes and then created tools and training materials to overcome the major issues. The result is a comprehensive plan to help all organizations develop a culture which embraces problems and prevents them from happening in the first place.

At the core of this initiative is RC Simplified™, which is a simple to use, software application that asks the user the same questions a professional investigator would ask and guides them to answer. In a stepwise process, RC Simplified™ helps create a complete analysis of minor problems. Minor problems lead to the major problems, so by fixing them in the first place, the major problems do no occur!


RC Simplified™ provides the tool for individuals to embrace the principles of causation and they begin to understand that things do not just happen. Rather, they learn that “conditional” causes exist in time, just waiting for an “action” cause, such as a person, to come along and trigger the unwanted event. Rather than setting people up to fail, stakeholders learn to remove the conditional causes before the event occurs because they start thinking causally. When you have an entire workforce thinking and acting this way, you have an effective problem-solving culture that is hard to beat – all without formal training and excessive supervision.

RC Simplified™ provides great flexibility, because at anytime the employee can forward their Realitychart to their team, supervisor or dedicated problem solver who can then use RealityCharting® to dig deeper!

To learn more read on, or download the detailed plan.

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